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Grant Early Learning Center - FY25 CIP/CDS Funding Request



Grant School District 3 is applying for $1.5 million in community-initiated projects (CIP) funds – otherwise known as congressionally directed spending (CDS) – to renovate the Bright Beginnings facility as a modern early learning center. Built in 1955, the building is currently used for pre-K and early learning but is in need of substantial renovations. Our proposal would allow the school district, through the FY25 CDS process, to make a significant investment in this site, which is immediately adjacent to our Humbolt Elementary School campus, to improve early learning outcomes for children in our community. 


Why is this needed?:

The 2021-2025 State of Oregon Consolidated Plan and Oregon Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice identify risk areas, including educational attainment, that impact low-to-moderate income families. This project helps mitigate
Impediment 3-1. Disparities in access to high-quality learning environments. Providing an optimal learning environment for pre-K students can help reduce risk factors and barriers affecting educational attainment, including school discipline rates, test scores, graduation rates, and limited daycare options, all of which negatively affect the students' and their parents' current and future employment opportunities. 


Our proposal:

This project is a comprehensive renovation of an existing building with new tenant improvements that aim to modernize the facility and create an optimal learning environment for young children. Interior improvements will be made to classrooms, common areas, restrooms, and staff rooms. Exterior improvements will be made to the playground, landscaping, paving, and ADA accessibility. We also anticipate updating the building's HVAC, installing energy-efficient lighting/fixtures, and making facade improvements to the exterior of the building.

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