At this time GSD is short 3 bus drivers. Due to our need for drivers we're having to temporarily change bus routes beginning Monday, February 27, 2023. The changes will involve families dropping off at a few specific locations. 

Bus Route Changes beginning Monday, Feb. 27th: Green and Yellow Routes will be combined together as a snow route. Due to not having enough drivers, we're having to combine both Green and Yellow Routes. Parents from the West side of Mt Vernon Middle School will need to bring their Student’s to Mt Vernon Middle School to be picked up at 7:25 am. All Hwy 395 North (Mt. Vernon towards Pendleton), Harper Creek and Riverside Rd, will be picked up at the Mt. Vernon Community Center on Ingle St., by 7:20 AM.

Please know this is a temporary solution until we can hire and train a new bus driver. If you have questions regarding route changes or driver openings please contact Sharon Flory, our transportation manager, at 541-575-1280, ext. 3029. 

What we’re currently doing to find additional bus drivers: 

  • Running radio advertisements – for bus driver job openings
  •  Emailed all families encouraging families and friends to apply
  • Emailed all staff, checking to see if we have any classified staff who may want additional hours before or after school

If you or someone you know is looking for a great job with benefits, please have them contact our district office or go online to look at our openings.

These temporary route changes will be in effect until we’re able to hire and train at least one additional driver.

Bus Routes

Click below to view regular bus route schedules and snow routes.

Bus Routes

Snow Routes

*Please note that route stops and schedules are subject to change as needed to best serve our families.

Grant School District 3 Policy--Student conduct on buses

Student Conduct on School Buses:

The following regulations will govern student conduct on school buses and will be posted in a conspicuous place in all buses: 

1.       Students being transported are under authority of the bus driver;

2.       Fighting, wrestling or boisterous activity is prohibited on the bus;

3.       Students shall use the emergency door only in case of emergency;

4.       Students shall be on time for the bus both morning and evening;